The German football player is one of the main stars of the German Bundesliga. He is also a world champion. He has already won the Champions League twice.

The cost of buying him is very high, but the price is not the only thing that makes him worth buying.
The reason for the high price is the fact that he has a very busy schedule. He plays in the German Cup, the Champions Cup, and the Europa League.
It is also worth noting that the German championship is not his only competition. He also plays in other championships.
Ozil has a busy schedule and, as a result, the cost of his purchase is not that high.
How much does Ozil cost?
The price of Ozil is not only the cost for the German football players. It is also very high for other football players, too.
For example, the price of Cristiano Ronaldo is about £300,000. The cost of Neymar is about the same.
However, the list of football players who cost a lot is very long. For example, it includes:
* Messi;
* Ronaldo;
* Bale;
* Suarez.
In general, the high cost of football player purchases is due to the fact there are many tournaments in which the players play.
What are the advantages of buying Ozil?
There are many advantages of purchasing Ozil.
1. He can play in the Champions or Europa League
The Champions League is one tournament in which many football players participate. The tournament is very important for the clubs.
There is a lot of competition in the tournament. It can be a lot, but it is still a lot.
If the club does not win the tournament, it will not be able to enter the Europa league.
2. He will play in many championships
Ogilvy is a great player in many tournaments. He participates in the Bundesliga, the DFB-Pokal, the Europa Cup, etc.
3. He’s a great defender
The defender is a very important player for a club. He helps the team to win the title. He must be a good defender, because he can prevent the opponent from scoring a goal.
4. He’s a great leader
In the Bundesliga the club can count on one hand the number of leaders. They are:
· Messi;
·3· Ronaldo; and
· Ozil
The club can use the leaders to their advantage.
5. He won the German Championship
The champion title is very valuable for the club. It shows that the club has a good team.
6. He was a champion for a long time
The Bundesliga is a long tournament. The champion title can be won for a very long time.
7. He had a busy season
The season is long and busy for the football player. He needs to be at the best of his game.
8. He became a world class player
The football player has a lot to prove. He should show his best game. He did this in the championship.
9. He doesn’t have a contract
The player has the right to leave the club at any time. He does not need to get a contract.
10. He wants to leave
The team needs a good goalkeeper. The player is a good choice for the position.
11. He makes the team better
The goalkeeper helps the goalkeeper. He shows the team that he is a goalkeeper.
12. He scores a lot
The footballer scores a goal a lot and helps the club to win.
13. He gets a lot in transfers
The transfer market is very active. The club can get a lot from the transfer.
14. He wins trophies
The championship is a trophy. The footballer wins it.
15. He stays at the club
The athlete stays at a football club for a lot more. He gives his best.
16. He leaves the club for good
The person leaves the team for a good reason. He cannot play for the team. He just cannot play. He chooses to leave.
17. He becomes a great
The individual player becomes a world-class player.
18. He brings the club a lot
In addition to the championship, the club also wins trophies.
19. He transfers to another club
In this case, the player transfers to a new team. The new team can use him.
20. He continues to play
The new club can still use the player. The team needs the player for the new season.
21. He increases the club’s chances of winning trophies
In any case, it is important for a team to have a good player. It should be able not to lose points.
22. He improves the club’ s performance
The performance of the club improves. The coach can use this.
23. He contributes to the team’’s success
The coach can count upon the player’. He may be a great help to the coach.
24. He remains at the team
The soccer player stays at his team. It’ll be a long and happy career.

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