The player who was already a part of the squad for the Copa America has already been called up to the main tournament of the Old World. The tournament is held every four years and this time it will be held in Russia. The squad of the national team has been strengthened by the following players:
* Juan Cuadrado;
* Diego Godin;
* Rodrigo.
In the first round of the tournament, the team of Colombia was defeated by the Netherlands, but it was not a defeat but a draw. The team of the Netherlands was the best in the group and managed to defeat the team from the Netherlands in the playoff round. The victory was the result of the following factors:
1. Excellent teamwork of the players.
2. The quality of the game of the team.
3. Excellent performance of the goalkeeper of the Dutch team, Tim Krul.
4. Good game of Rodrigo. He managed to score a goal in every game.
5. Competitiveness of the Colombian team. It managed to win all the matches in which it took part.
Rodriguez is the main player of the club and he is able to decide the fate of the match in favor of the main team. He is a player of great experience and he has already won several trophies.

The main goal of the player is to win the gold medal in the tournament. He has already achieved this and he will do it in the next World Cup. The Colombian team has a good chance of winning the tournament because of the fact that it is led by the experienced players. The main goal for the team is to become a contender for the gold medals.
However, the main goal is not the victory in the World Cup, but the qualification for the next European Championship. The national team is not a contender to the European Championship, but if it manages to qualify for the European Championships, it will become a real contender for victory in World Cups.
Football Results at 777score
The new season of the Spanish championship is starting. This year, the teams are not as strong as in previous years, but they still have a chance to win gold medals in the championship.
This season, the most important changes are the transfers of the teams. The most important of them are:
• Rodrigo. The player has left the team and is now playing for the Spanish club, Real Sociedad.
• Josep Guardiola’s squad. The club has a new coach, and the main task of the new coach is to strengthen the squad.
You can always find the latest football results on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the results of the matches of the championship and the results from other championships of the world.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The first matches of this season of La Liga showed that the main intrigue of the season is the fight for the champion title. The teams are still divided into two groups, and each of them has only one team. The first match of the group stage was won by Barcelona, which is a good result.
After the first matches, it was clear that the fight will be intense for the title. It is clear that Real Madrid is the favorite of the fight. The last season, Madrid won the champion’ title and the next season it will try to repeat the feat.
Another intrigue of this year’ is the struggle for the places in the Champions League zone. The new season has started, and there are only a few matches left, so the teams will have to show their best game to win their places in Europe.
English Premier League Results
The English Premier League is one of the most exciting championships in the world, and it is always interesting to follow its results. The season has already ended, and now the main question is who will be the winner of the title of the champion of England.
It is clear now that Manchester City will be a contender. The previous season, Manchester City was the champion, and this year it will not be easy for it to repeat this success. The next season, it is expected that the team will be led by Josep Mourinho, who has been the head coach of the Portuguese team for several years.
Despite the fact, that the previous season was not successful for the club, it still managed to become the champion. The reason for this is the following:
· The teamwork of players. This season, Mourinho managed to get a lot of the best players from the previous year in the team, which allowed the team to win.
· The experience of the coach. He was the head of the previous team for almost two years, so he knows the strengths and weaknesses of his players. He also knows how to use them to achieve the desired result. This is why he was able to win with the team in the previous championship. The same can be said for the current Manchester City.
There are a lot more questions that the future season will answer. It will be very interesting to watch the fight between the teams for the championship title, as well as the struggle to enter the Champions league zone.
Results of the Premier League Matches
The season of English Premier league has already come to an end, and we can already see the results.

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