Jose Mourinho is ready to sell Anthony Martial. The Manchester United player has been a constant in the team for a long time, so it is not surprising that the Portuguese coach is ready for a deal.

The Portuguese coach has already made a lot of transfers this summer, so he has a good chance to get the best player for his club. The player is a proven star and has already scored a lot for the team. It is worth noting that the player has a contract with the club for another year, so the club will have to pay a high price for him.
The transfer of Martial will be a good opportunity for the club to strengthen the midfield and get a new player who will be able to replace the player in the starting lineup.
All the latest news from the world of football
The summer transfer window is in full swing, and the fans can expect to see a lot more interesting events. Now, it is much easier to follow all the news from around the world.
It is now much easier for fans to follow the events from the football world. The transfer of Anthony Martial is a good example of this. The Frenchman is a player who has already become a real star of the club. He is able to make a good impression on his coach, and it is easy to see that the club is willing to pay for him a high fee.
In the summer, the club made a number of transfers, and now it is possible to follow them on the sports statistics website. This is a great opportunity to learn about the latest information from the sports world. It will be easy to find the latest data from the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, and other championships.
Will Mourinho’s team be able not to lose to Leicester?
The previous season, Manchester United was one of the main contenders for the title. The team managed to finish in the top-4 for the first time in the club’ history. However, the previous season was not a success for the Red Devils. They lost the title to Leicester.
This is the third time that the team has lost the championship to Leicester, and this time the team will be even more motivated to win. Mourinhoďż˝ is a coach who is able not only to motivate his players, but also to win the championship. The previous season the team managed only to finish second in the standings, and they were not able to get into the Champions League.
Mourinho’ s team has a number one goalkeeper, which is a key to the success of the team in the long run. It was also a good choice of players for the Portuguese. The goalkeeper Alisson was a key player of the previous year, and he is a free agent. The club will be interested in signing the goalkeeper, and Alisson will be the perfect choice for the new coach.
Now, it will be much easier and more convenient to follow events from around Europe. It has become much easier, because now it has become easy to access the sports data from a number that is increasing.
Live football results of all the top championships
The football season is in its final stage, and there is a high probability that the top leagues will be dominated by the same teams. This means that the fans will be treated to a lot of interesting events, which will be presented to them on a regular basis.
Among the most interesting competitions are the Champions league, the Europa League, and many others. Now it is easier to find out the live football results, because the sports website has a special section for this.
Fans can find out all the information about the competitions on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time. It offers the latest football results from all over the world, which are presented in full.
Manchester United and Leicester are the main favorites of the season, and both teams have a number of players who can help them to achieve the desired result.
Who will be Manchester United’’s trump card this season?
In recent years, Manchester united has become one of Europe’ most popular clubs. This can be seen in the fact that the Red devils have won the Champions trophy three times, as well as the Europa league once.
However, the team’ success has not been without problems. The most obvious of them is the fact that the coach Jose Mourinho is not able to motivate the team to win, which has led to the fact the team does not finish in a high position.
For this reason, the fans have become very interested in the upcoming season. The main trump card of the Red Devil’ is the goalkeeper Alvaro Pereira. The Portuguese player is able not only to save the goalkeeper’ in the field, but he is also able to distribute the ball to the other players. This will allow the team to achieve its goals.
There are also a number players who are able to help the team, and these include:
* Lukaku;
* Rashford;
* Pogba.
These players are able to make the team a great one.
One of the most important players of the Manchester united is the player who is called as the “trump card” of the coach.

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