Bayern: Yes, you can count on that.
Lukaku: You can count too on what?
Bay: I will be at the club next season, so we will see.

Bay’s transfer policy has been quite successful so far. The club has already managed to sign several players for the first team, who will help the team in the future.
The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of Lukaku. The Portuguese forward has already scored a lot of goals for the team. However, the main thing is that he has already become a real leader of the team, which is a good sign for the future of the club.
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The most interesting matches of the season
The season of the Champions League has come to its end, and the most interesting confrontations have already ended. The most interesting match of the last round was the match between Liverpool and Roma. The Reds were leading 2:1, but the Roma team was able to score three goals in a row.
After the match, the club received a lot criticism, which was not surprising, considering the fact that the team had been in a crisis for several years.
However, the team managed to turn the tide of the match. The following players were the key players of the Reds:
* Alisson;
* Firmino;
* Mane;
In the match against Roma, the Reds managed to score a lot, and it was clear that the club had a good chance of winning the Champions Cup.
Now, the Liverpool team is in a good shape, and this is the main reason for the club’s success in the season. The team is expected to fight for the title, and they are already showing that they are ready to do their best.
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Liverpool’s chances of winning Champions League
The Reds have a good opportunity to win the Champions Trophy, but they have to be ready to fight against the main favorites of the tournament. The main competitor of Liverpool is Bayern. The Bavarians are considered as the main contender for the victory in the tournament, and their chances of getting into the final stage of the competition are quite high.
In order to get into the Champions league zone, the following conditions have to exist:
1. Good form of the main competitors.
2. Good results of Liverpool.
3. Good result of Bayern.
It is clear that Liverpool is in the strongest position, but Bayern is also in a very good shape. The previous season, the Bavarians managed to win a place in the Champions cup zone.
At the moment, the results are not in favor of the Merseysiders, but it is clear they are still capable of winning gold medals. The key to their success is the following:
ยท good teamwork.
ยท – individual skills of the players.
If the team manages to achieve the above-mentioned conditions, it will be a real surprise for the competitors. It is worth noting that the season is still young, and many teams will fight for gold medals, so the Merseyiders have a chance to win it.
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Main results of Manchester City matches
The Manchester City team has a good chances of achieving the desired result. The Citizens have already managed a lot in the previous season. In the previous campaign, the Citizens won the Premier League and the Champions trophy.
This year, the City has a new coach, who has already made a lot. The first match of his tenure was a victory over Chelsea. The coach managed to get the victory with the score of 2:0.
Many experts consider the victory as a success of the new coach. However the main result of the victory was the appointment of Guardiola as the head coach. The Spaniard has already won the Champions prize, and he is already getting ready to win another one.
As for the main rivals of the Citizens, they are:
โ€ข Liverpool;
โ€ข Manchester United;
ยท Chelsea.
All the teams have a lot to do, but if the Citizens manage to win gold medals in the next season and get into a higher position in the standings, it would be a great result for the whole team.
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Results of the Manchester City match
The match against the Blues was a good result for Guardiola’s team. The performance of Guardiola’s squad was quite good, and now the fans can expect a lot from the team next year.
During the match with Chelsea, the score was 2:2, which means that the Citizens had a chance of getting the victory.

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