The Algerian international has been a target for the Gunners for a long time. The club has been trying to sign him for a while, but the player’s representatives refused to come to the negotiating table.
However, the situation has changed now, as the player has agreed to join the Gunner’ in a transfer window. The cost of the deal is around 100 million euros, which is a lot for a player who is considered one of the best in the world.
Nabil Fikir’ transfer to the Gunning
The player is a talented player, who is able to score goals. He is also able to distribute the ball well and make a number of other important plays. He has already scored a number goals for his club, and he is also very good in the air.
Arsenal is a team that is able not only to score points, but also to defend. The team has a number players who are able to do this. Nabil is one of them, as he is able both to score and to defend, which makes him a very important player for the club.
If the player joins the Gunnery, then the team will be able to improve its results significantly. The player will be a good addition to the lineup, as well as a good replacement for the injured Aaron Ramsey.
What to Expect from Fekiri?
The transfer of the player will allow the club to strengthen its lineup significantly. It is also worth noting that the player is able and willing to join Arsenal, as it is a club that is very interested in him.
Fekiri is a player that can be considered one the best players in the EPL. He scored a lot of goals for the team, and his performance in the field was always very good. The Algerian player is also a very good defender, and it is worth noting the fact that he is a good goalkeeper as well.
It is worth mentioning that the transfer of Fekirit will allow Arsenal to strengthen the lineup significantly, and this is a very positive thing for the fans. The transfer of Nabil will also be a great opportunity for the players to improve their results.
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Live Results of Football Matches
The Premier League is one the most popular football leagues in the whole world. It has a lot to offer to fans, as there are a lot different teams that take part in the tournament.
This season, the main contender for the title is Manchester City. The Citizens have a number advantages over their competitors, as they have a good lineup and a good coach.
Among the main contenders for the champion title, there is a large number of teams that are not considered to be the favorites by the fans, but are able and ready to fight for the trophy.
Manchester City has a good chance of winning the champion’ title. The main advantage of the Citizens is the lineup. The squad of Manuel Pellegrini has a large amount of players who can play in different positions.
In addition, the team has the ability to make substitutions, which allows it to play in the most difficult matches.
Another advantage of Manchester City is the coach. Pep Guardiola has a great experience in the English Premier League, which has allowed him to create a good squad.

The main problem for the Citizens, is the fact, that they have not been able to win the champion trophy for a very long time, and they have lost it several times. However, the club has a very bright future, as its lineup is constantly developing.
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All the latest news on the Premier league
The season of the English premier league has already ended, and the results are already starting to show. This is especially true for the fight for gold medals.
After the end of the championship, the teams were able to make some changes. Among the most notable changes are the following:
1. The signing of a new goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the team is the Spanish Sergio Cagliari. The Spaniard has a long career in the Spanish league, and has already won several titles.
2. The transfer from the team of Manuel Neuer to the team from Manchester United. The reason for this transfer is the desire of the club’ to strengthen their lineup.
3. A new signing. The new signing is the young French player, Kylian Mbappe. The young player has already managed to score a number in the international arena.
4. Another change. The coach of the squad has changed. Guardiola has been replaced by Unai Emery. The Spanish coach has a strong experience in English football, and is able, together with the players, to create an effective lineup. This will allow him to give the team a chance to win gold medals again.
5. An interesting newcomer. The newcomer is the Algerian midfielder, Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian player is considered to have a bright future in the team.

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