Manchester United are ready, if the price is right, to offer a player of the current lineup a new contract. The Red Devils have been trying to sign the player for several years, but the player has always refused to join the team.
It is worth noting that the player is not a specialist in the attack, so the club is unlikely to get a good return on the investment.
However, the club has recently been trying a new tactic. It is trying to get the player to the club by offering him a new deal. This is the reason why the club will offer a high price for the player.
The player has been in the starting lineup of the Red Devils for several seasons, but his performance has gradually declined. The player has not managed to show himself in the attacking line for several matches in a row.
Manchester Unites are ready for any offer
The club is ready to pay a high sum of money for the acquisition of a player. The club is trying not to lose the player, so it is trying a number of new approaches to get him.
One of the main options is to offer the player a new long-term contract. This will allow the club to recoup its investment in the player and get a better return.
This is the main reason why Manchester United are trying to buy a player in the current season. The team is in a good shape and is in the leading position in the Premier League. The players are able to show their maximum in the matches against the teams that are much stronger.

The Red Devils are in a strong position, so they are able offer a good deal to the player who is in bad form. The cost of the player will depend on the level of the offer that the club wants to make.
Where to find the latest news about football?
The English Premier League is the most popular football championship in the world. The championship has a long history and is considered to be one of the most prestigious championships in the entire world.
In the current campaign, the Red devils are in the first place, so there is no doubt that they will be able to defend their title.
Despite the fact that the team has a good lineup, the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The lack of this is one of reasons why the team cannot achieve the desired results.
If the team does not want to lose its position in this season, it will have to do a number changes. The main change is the appointment of a new head coach.
Jose Mourinho is a coach who is able to motivate the team and make it perform well. The Portuguese coach has managed to bring the team to the first position in England.
He has managed this by implementing a number tactical changes. Mourinho has recently changed the lineup of Manchester United. The coach has replaced the players who were not performing well with the young players of the club.
Many of the players are still not used to the style of the game of the Portuguese coach. However, the team managed to improve its position significantly.
There is no question that the Red Devil squad is one the main contenders for the title. The squad of Mourinho is able not only to defend the title, but also to take part in the Champions League.
They are not the only club that can be considered as a contender for the championship. The Manchester United can also be considered a contender. The current season is extremely important for the team, because it is in great shape and has a chance to win the coveted trophy.
All the latest results of the Manchester United
The team is able take part at the Champions league, but it is not going to be easy for them. The most important thing for the club this season is the fight for the champion title. This fight is not only about the champion trophy, but about the fight against the leaders of the championship, as well.
At the moment, the Manchester club is in first position of the standings. The position of Manchester united is not the best, but this is not surprising, because the team was not in the best shape for several months.
Due to the fact, that the players were not in shape, they were not able to demonstrate their maximum. However the team still managed to achieve a positive result.
After the end of the season, the results of Manchester club will be known. It will be very difficult for the players to get into the top three, but they will try to do their best at the end.
You can always follow the latest information about the team on the website of sports statistics.
Team’s chances of winning the champion
The current season of the English Premier league is extremely interesting. The Champions League is also very important for Manchester United, because they need to win this tournament to be able achieve the title of the champion.
During the current championship, the players of Manchester team are in good shape. The problem of Manchester is that the main thing is the Champions tournament. The previous season, they managed to win it, but then they lost to Liverpool.
Now, the situation is not so bad, because Manchester team has the strongest lineup. However they still have a lot of problems.

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