Manchester United have been actively trying to sign players for a long time, but they have been unsuccessful so far. The club has been trying to get a striker for a while, but it was not easy to find a suitable option.
The club has also been trying unsuccessfully to sign a defender, but the situation is now changing.
Now, the club is trying to strengthen the position of the goalkeeper, but this is not the only thing the team is trying. The team has also signed two players for the upcoming season.

The first of these players is the goalkeeper of the club, David De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper has already managed to become a champion of his country, but he is not yet the best goalkeeper in the world.
However, he has already become a great goalkeeper, and this is what the club needs. He is a good goalkeeper, he can do everything, and he is also a good defender.
Manchester City has already signed a goalkeeper, as well as a defender. The goalkeeper of Manchester City, Joe Hart, has already played for the club for several years. The defender of the team, John Stones, is a young player who is ready to become an important player for the team.
It is possible that the club will make a transfer in the next season, when the club wants to strengthen its position.
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Latest news on Manchester United from the world of football
The team has recently been trying not to lose points, and it has been doing its best to win the championship. The fans are very happy with the results of the season, and they expect a lot from the club.
In the summer, the team signed several players, and now it is ready for the new season. The main thing that the team needs now is a new goalkeeper.
A lot of people believed that the goalkeeper would be the main transfer of the summer. However, the situation has changed, and the club has signed a new player.
This player is David DeGea, who is a goalkeeper of Spanish club Real Madrid. The player is a reliable goalkeeper, who can do a lot of things.
He can also play on the left side of the field, which will be very useful for the United.
Another player of the Manchester United team is the defender, John Terry. The young player is already a great defender, who has already won a lot.
All the latest news on the club
The fans of the English Premier League are very excited about the new campaign of Manchester United. The players have a lot to do, because they have to fight for the title.
There is a lot that the players have to do this summer, and many of them will be able to help the club to win gold medals.
Among the main tasks of the players of the Old Trafford team are the following:
1. To be the first to the title of the champion.
2. To become the first team to win at least a third of the tournament.
3. To finish the season in the Champions League zone.
4. To win the English Cup.
5. To get into the top 4 of the Premier League.
6. To do well in the international arena.
These are the main goals of the leaders of the United team. The new season promises to be very interesting for the fans of English football.
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Main transfer news for Manchester United
The new season of Manchester club has started, and a lot has changed. The first matches of the new year were not successful for the players, but now they are ready to fight again for the champion title. The situation in the championship is not easy, because the team has a lot more matches ahead.
One of the main problems of the Red Devils is the lack of a good striker. The problem is even more serious, because it is clear that the main goal of the management is to get the best player for each position. This is why the club signed the young player, Anthony Martial.
At the moment, the player is not a good player, but his potential is obvious. He has already scored a lot, and his goal is to become the best in the league.
If the club does not succeed in signing a striker, then it will be extremely difficult to get into top 4. The management will have to spend a lot on the goalkeeper and defenders.
Anthony Martial is a great player, who will help the team to achieve its goals. You can follow his development on the site of sports statistical. Here, you will find all the latest information. You will not miss anything important, and you will be the only one who knows the results.
Who will be Manchester Unitedโ€™s main transfer target for the summer?
The summer transfer window has already started, but many clubs are trying to buy players for their teams. Manchester United is one of the clubs that are trying not only to get players for its own team, but also for other teams.
Despite the fact that the management of the red devils is trying not too much, the fans are not satisfied with the result of the last season.

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