“We have no problems with the situation. We have a good lineup and we are confident. We are not going to win the Champions League, but we will try to win a place in the Europa League zone. We will do our best to win and we will do it together with our fans. We want to win gold medals, but at the same time we want to be in the Champions league zone. That is the main goal for us, to win at all cost. We know that we have a lot of difficulties, but the team is well balanced and we have the right players to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.”
– Julen Lopetegui, the head coach of Real Madrid
Real Madrid is one of the main contenders for the title of the best team in the world. The team has an excellent lineup, which is able to play in any situation.
The team is led by Julen’s son, Marcelo, who is a good goalkeeper. The Portuguese goalkeeper has already managed to score a number of important goals for the team.
Real Madrid is also a good example of how to use the youth. The club has a good selection of players, which allows it to play at the highest level.
In the summer, the team strengthened its lineup significantly. The following players joined the team:
* Matic;
* Ramos;
* Ramos’ son, Fred;
* Marcelo;
– Lopeta;
– Jovic;

The following players left the team, who will now play in a new lineup:
1. Fred;
2. Jardim; and Zidane.
3. Ramos” son, who joined the club as a free agent.
4. Lopes.
5. Matic.
6. Zinedine Zidano.
7. Ronaldo.
8. Marcelo.
9. Fred’.
10. Jardine.
11. Ramos‘ son.
12. Zidani.
13. Ramos.
14. Zinede Zidanos.
15. Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
16. Lopete.
17. Matic’, who left the club.
18. Fred.
19. Jovic.
The new lineup of Real is a great opportunity to show the team’ new style of football.
Now, the club has the following goals:
· To win the Spanish championship.
· To win a number one position in the EPL.
It is very important for Real to win both titles at the moment. The main goal of the team will be to win all the trophies it is able.
This summer, Real Madrid has strengthened its line up significantly. This is the reason why the team has a number 1 in the Spanish Championship.
All the goals of the club are now focused on the Champions Cup. The players of the Royal Club are very confident in the upcoming season.
They have already managed not to lose the Champions cup. The Royal Club is one the main favorites of the tournament.
However, the Royal club has problems with its own lineup. The most serious problem is the lack of a goalkeeper.
Many leaders of the Real Madrid team are not able to perform in the most difficult situations. This fact is one reason for the fact that the Royal team is not able not to win any trophies.
One of the reasons for the Royal failure is the fact the club does not have a goalkeeper who can make a number1 save.
Another reason for failure is that the team does not play in the best way.
Due to the problems of the goalkeeper, the players of Real are not confident in their ability to win trophies. The problem is that they are not in the strongest position.
Thus, the main problem of the Madrid club is the failure to win in the championship. The failure of the squad is one more reason for which the Royal is not a favorite of the Champions tournament. However, the failure of Real does not mean that the club will not be able to win.
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Main Favorites of the Season
Now the Royal has a lot to do in order to win not only the Spanish title, but also the Champions title.
Among the main goals of Real, the following are the most important:
● Winning the Champions trophy.

● Winning the Spanish champion title. The Royal team has the best lineup in the tournament, which means that the players have a chance to win even if they lose to another team. This is especially true in the case of the Spanish Champions Cup, where the Royal have a very difficult task.
That is why the Royal are confident in all the upcoming matches.
At the moment, the most serious problems of Real’ are the lack a goalkeeper and the lack to play well in the matches against weaker teams.
Nevertheless, the current season is a new opportunity for the club to win, which it has not had for a long time.

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