Real Madrid sign Vinicius Junior on a 5-year contract. The Portuguese coach has been working with the player for a long time and is confident that the player will be able to adapt to the new style of football.
The player is a talented player, who can play in any position on the field. He is a good defender, who is able to provide a good ball control and a good pass accuracy. Viniciu is also a good dribbler, who has good vision and the ability to make a quick decision.
Vinicius is a young player, but he has already become a good option for the coach, because he is able not only to score goals, but also to create them. The player is able, for example, to make an excellent pass to a teammate, who then scores a goal.

The new contract will allow the player to continue his development and become a top scorer.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the season is the fight for the champion title. The main contenders for the title are:
· Real;
· Barcelona.
Both teams have a good lineup and are able to play with almost any team in the world.
Real is the main favorite of the championship, because the team has a good coach, who knows how to use the strongest lineup. The club has a great coach, Josep Guardiola, who will be the main protagonist of the fight against the rivals.
Barcelona has a new coach, Ernesto Valverde, who wants to make the team fight for gold medals. The coach has a lot of experience in the Spanish championship and knows how the players have to play.
This season, the team will have to fight against:
● Barcelona;

● ​​Real;
and ​​Barcelona will have a difficult time. The team has many problems, which will affect the fight with the main favorites.
However, the main intrigue is the struggle for the Champions League. The first rounds of the tournament have shown that the team is able fight against Real and Barcelona. The players are confident and are ready to fight until the very last second.
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The season of the Spanish Championship has started. The teams are trying to win the title of the best team in Europe. The fight for it is very intense and interesting. The fans are waiting for the decisive matches, where the teams will play for the coveted trophy.
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At the moment, the fight between Real and Atletico is the most intriguing of all the teams. The two teams have many interesting players, who are able play in the attacking line.
There are also a lot chances that the teams can fight for a place in the Champions league zone. The Royal Club has a very good lineup, which can play with any team.
Many fans are interested in the fight of Real and Barca. The clubs have a very interesting lineup, but the fight will be very difficult for them.
Who will win the fight?
The fight for victory in the championship is very tense. The situation in the standings is very unstable. It can change in a second. It’s easy to find all the results on fScores.
In the current season, Real has a much better chance to win, because it has a better lineup. It has a stable lineup, and it is able play with the team leaders.
Also, the club has the best players in the team. It was not easy for the team to get into the Champions club. The leaders have to work hard to get to the top.
Despite this, the fans are confident that Real will be in the top three of the standings. The rivals of the Royal Club are: ​​Atletico, Barcelona, Valencia.
If the team wins the fight in the La liga, it will be a real surprise for the fans.
How to watch the games of the teams?
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