The transfer window is in full swing, and the most intriguing deals are being made. The most interesting of all is the acquisition of a young player for the price of €50 million.
The player is 19 years old, who is considered to be one of the most promising young players of the current season. The player is from the Spanish capital, and his name is Cristiano Ronaldo.
It is known that the player is the leader of the Portuguese national team, and it is also known that he is the best scorer of the national team.
In addition, the player has won the Ballon d’Or, the most prestigious award of the football world.
At the moment, the price for the acquisition is very high, but the club has a lot of young players, who can become stars in the future.

The club is considering to make a bid for the player, but it is not clear whether the club will be able to buy a young star for the cost of €100 million. In addition, it is known, that the club is also interested in signing the player for a long time.
However, the club does not want to spend a lot on a player, who will not be able become a star in the long run.
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Ronaldo’s transfer to Real Madrid
The Portuguese player has already played for the club for several years. He became the leader in the scoring of the club, and he is considered one of its most promising players.
Recently, the transfer of the player to Real has become much more interesting. The club has already signed the player and is interested in the player.
This is not the first time that the team is interested to buy the player from Portugal. The previous year, the team bought the player Cristiano for €100.000.
Now, the cost for the transfer is much higher, but Ronaldo is considered as one of football’ most promising stars.
Real Madrid has a long list of players, which it can buy for a lot more money.
Will Ronaldo leave Madrid?
The team has a great opportunity to buy one of their stars. The price for such a player is about €100 thousand.
Such a player will be a great addition to the squad of the team, which is considered the best in the world. The team has many young players who can develop in the team. Ronaldo is one of them.
If the player leaves the club after the transfer, then the team will lose a great player. It is important for the team to have such a star, who it can count on for a very long time, and who can be a good replacement for the star player. The transfer of Ronaldo will be very interesting for fans.
What to expect from Ronaldo”s future?
Many experts believe that the Portuguese player will leave the club. The reasons for this are:
1. The cost of the transfer. The new player is worth a lot, but he is not worth the price.
2. The desire of the players to win trophies.
3. The lack of motivation of the management.
4. The fact that the transfer will be difficult to complete.
All these factors will affect the future of the star of the championship.
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Football news on fscores
The football season is in the middle of its course, and many football fans are waiting for the new championship. This time, the fans will witness a lot new football matches, which they can not miss.
One of the main events of the new season is the transfer campaign of Cristiano. The Portuguese player is considered by many as one the best football players in the history of the game.
Many football fans think that the price is not justified for such an expensive player. However, the players are worth a great deal of money, and they are not worth such a price. It seems that the fans are right.
Cristiano Ronaldo is worth €100 millions. He is the most expensive footballer in the modern history of football, and this is only the beginning.
There are many other football stars, who are worth much more.
Who is the main transfer target of Manchester United?
Manchester United is one the main clubs of the Old Trafford. The fans can not wait for the next season, because the team has been in the Champions League for a few years now.
During this time, many players of Manchester united were in great shape, and their transfer campaign was successful.
As a result, the new players of United were bought for a great price. Among the most interesting transfers of the summer, we can name the following:
* Gareth Bale;
* Alexis Sanchez;
* Anthony Martial;
* Harry Maguire.
These transfers are not only transfers of football stars. Many football players were bought at a great cost, and now they are playing for their new clubs.
Manchester united is a club of great potential, and its transfer campaign is very successful.

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