The Champions League is the most prestigious club tournament of the Old World. It is held every year since the beginning of the 20th century. It’s a competition of the best clubs from all over the world, and it is won by the team of Real Madrid.
This year, the tournament has a special meaning for the Spanish club, because it is the first time that it will play in the Champions League, as well as the first year that it’ll be playing in the group stage of the tournament.
As for the competitors, the teams of Manchester City, Bayern, Juventus, and Liverpool are quite strong. However, the main favorites of the season are:
* Barcelona;
* PSG;
• Real;
The main thing is to win the group, because otherwise, the competition will be quite difficult.

The best players of the round of 16
The round of the 16 of the Champions league is very important for the teams, because they need to decide whether they want to go to the next stage of this tournament or not. The main favorites for the victory of the team are: Barcelona, PSG, and Real.
Of course, the first two teams are much stronger than the third one, but they are not the main contenders for the win of the group. The most dangerous rivals of the Catalans are: Liverpool, Manchester City and Bayern.
However, the most dangerous rival of the Spanish team is the team from Turin. The team of Allegri is quite strong, but it has no real competitors in the tournament, because the main rivals of Juventus are: Napoli, and Inter.
In the round, the favorites of each team have a good chance to win, but the main thing for the Catalonians is to be able to show their best game.
Results of the first matches of the new season
The first matches have already shown that the Catalonian team is quite dangerous. It has a good lineup, and the main competitors of the club are: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus.
Juventus is a team that has a very good coach, and Allegri has managed to create a good squad. However it is not the best in the world.
Real Madrid is a club that has been in the top-3 for a long time, and has a great lineup. The club is very strong in the domestic arena, too.
Despite the fact that the season is quite young, the club has already managed to win a lot of trophies. The fans are quite happy with the results of the current season, and they are looking forward to the future.
Main Favorites of the Season in the Round
The team of Barcelona is the main favorite of the championship. The Catalonias are considered to be the best club team in the Old Continent, and this is why they are the main contender for the champion title.
Barcelona has a pretty good lineup. There are a lot players who are able to play in any position on the field, and that’’ s why the club is able to win in the long tournament distance.
There is a good opportunity for the team to win gold medals, too, because there are a number of teams that are able not to win at all.
If the Catalons want to win this year, they should be able not only to win against the teams from the group stages, but also to win over the teams that have a better chance of winning.
Team’ performance in the matches of group stage
The group stage is quite important for teams. It determines the fate of the teams in the championship, and who will be able win the next season.
Among the main teams that will be participating in the next year of the European football, there are: PSG and Real Madrid are the most likely favorites of this season. However the club of Guardiola is quite good, too; the team is able not just to win matches, but to win several tournaments at once.
It is the PSG that is the favorite of this year’ tournament. The Parisians have a pretty strong lineup, which is able play in almost all positions on the pitch.
Moreover, the team has a really good coach. Guardiola is able create a team where every player is able do his job. The players of PSG are able play not only in the attack, but in defense, too — which is very dangerous for the opponents.
At the same time, the Parisians are not able to be a real contender for gold medals. However they are able win a number tournaments, and many fans are looking for them to win more.
Fans’ opinions of the results
The fans of the Parisian team are quite pleased with the result of the matches. However there are still some problems that the club needs to solve.
Firstly, the coach needs to find a good balance between the team’ squad and the club’ players. Secondly, the players need to improve their skills, because many of them are not at their best.
Also, the fans of Barcelona are not happy with some of the players. For example, the goalkeeper of the Catalan club, Alba, is not able play well.
All this together can lead to a loss of points in the match.

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